Modern Slavery Statement

In the sphere of digital marketing, the risks associated with modern slavery may not be prominent, yet Ministry of Numerology acknowledges its responsibility towards a steadfast approach against slavery and human trafficking.

Ministry of Numerology is devoted to the prevention of slavery and human trafficking within its corporate activities and aspires to ensure that its supply chains remain free from slavery and human trafficking.

Organisational Structure and Supply Chains
This statement encompasses the activities of Ministry of Numerology.

Ministry of Numerology is a preeminent agency facilitating the connection between individuals and brands through performance SEO. Our media strategies are predicated on people’s behaviors – understanding the way audiences think, feel, and act – enabling us to reach them contextually during significant moments.

We traverse the full spectrum of media planning and buying, with specialized media teams dedicated to client servicing, broadcast, publishing, digital, data, and content production.

Our principal suppliers are media owners, research firms, and software service providers. Modern forms of slavery are not prevalent in the industries where these suppliers operate.

The organization currently operates in Australia.

Relevant Policies
Our People & Culture director articulates policies reflecting the values and ethical stance of the organization across all dimensions, which are sanctioned by our Chief Executive Officer, Johanna Aúgusta.

The organization administers the following policies describing its approach to identifying modern slavery risks and the measures to prevent slavery and human trafficking within its operations:

Whistleblowing Policy
We encourage all our workers, customers, and business partners to report any concerns related to our direct activities or supply chains. This includes any situations that may augment the risk of slavery or human trafficking. Individuals with concerns can communicate with their line manager or our People & Culture team.

Employee Handbook and Induction
Our Handbook elucidates the actions and behavior expected from employees while representing the organization. We strive to uphold the highest standards of employee conduct and ethical behavior, particularly when operating abroad and managing our supply chain.

New employees receive the handbook upon joining and are educated on how to identify signs of modern slavery and the subsequent steps if they suspect its occurrence within our business or supply chain.

Recruitment / Agency Workers Policy
We exclusively engage with specified, reputable employment agencies for sourcing labor, and diligently verify the practices of any new agency before accepting workers from them.

Due Diligence
Due diligence is exercised when evaluating new suppliers and a regular review is conducted for existing ones.

Chief Executive Officer Approval
This statement has been approved by the organization’s Chief Executive Officer, who reviews and updates it annually.

Johanna Aúgusta, Chief Executive Officer – Ministry of Numerology