Code of Ethics

Honesty and Fairness
At Ministry of Numerology, honesty and straightforwardness are the bedrocks of all our interactions with customers, employees, and business partners. We uphold transparency, avoiding misrepresentation of our products or services and abstaining from misleading statements or unfair, deceptive practices.

Conflicts of Interest
We steer clear of scenarios where personal or business interests may clash with the interests of others or impede our duty to provide unbiased services. Employees and contractors are obliged to disclose any real or potential conflicts of interest.

We are committed to safeguarding the confidential information of our customers, employees, and business partners, disclosing such information only as permitted or mandated by law.

Compliance with Laws
Adherence to all pertinent laws and regulations is a standard we uphold fervently, and we expect our employees and contractors to understand and comply with the legal requisites pertinent to our business.

Protection of Company Assets
We are dedicated to protecting the assets and resources of the company, ensuring their utilization is legal, ethical, and solely for legitimate business purposes.

Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and inclusion are values we cherish within our workforce and among our business partners. We respect and celebrate the myriad of differences among individuals, cultures, and perspectives, and stand firm against any form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying based on protected attributes like age, disability, gender identity, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Our commitment extends to operating our business in a responsible and sustainable manner. We conscientiously evaluate the environmental, social, and economic ramifications of our decisions and actions, striving to mitigate negative impacts while amplifying our positive contributions to society.

The principles delineated herein are applicable across all our operations and epitomize our dedication to conducting business legally, ethically, and responsibly. Breaches of this Code will trigger disciplinary action, which may escalate to termination of employment or business relationships.