Angel number 7979 is a sign of encouragement and hope. This sequence of digits is telling you that the angels are with you, and they are urging you to stay positive during challenging times.

Angel number 7979 also carries a message of love and support, so don’t hesitate to reach out for help if you need it.

In this article, I’ll take a closer look at the hidden meaning behind angel number 7979, the symbolism, significance, spiritual meaning in the Bible and what this means for your love life.

So without further ado, let’s just get straight into it, shall we? 🙂

Angel Number 7979 – The Secret Meaning

Angel number 7979 is a sign from the guardian angels that they are with you, and that they have your back.

In fact, this angel number sequence is even more significant than that – it’s also letting you know that the love of your life is not far away.

In order to fully grasp what this means, let’s dive into some of the symbolism behind this angel number.

First, let’s talk about the angel number 7 for a moment.

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The secret meaning behind number 7

The significance of this angel number is that it represents faith and spirituality.

Think of it as a sign from above – you can take your higher power to be whatever you want, whether it’s God, the angels, or simply a greater force in charge of our universe.

This is because the angel number 7 has also long been associated with the planet Venus, which is known to be a symbol of love and beauty in many different cultures around the world.

There are several other significant angel numbers that go along with the number 7.

For example, if you see angel number 797, this will tell you that not only are you supported by angels but that your guardian angel network is working overtime at that particular time – they’re giving you all their support and then some!

The secret meaning behind angel number 9

Angel Number 9 is one of many odd composite numbers and another spiritual number, that represents the completion of a cycle.

This is why we see this sequence often with newly born babies, as they are starting a new life – something that’s been ongoing since day 1. The cycle of life.

That being said, seeing angel numbers like 7979 in your life is telling you that all things will be okay.

Even if there is no one to turn to for help, know that the angels are with you and they have not abandoned you – ever!


With angel number 7979, it’s not always going to be smooth sailing – there will be unexpected challenges that might feel too tough to get through.

But please remember that you are never alone in this – angels are with you all the time, and they’re bringing their love and support along for the ride.

Another thing to remember is that your guardian angels see things from a much bigger perspective than we do, so whatever you think is important or tough right now may not seem like such a big deal once you look at it from different angles.

In other words, hold on tight but stay optimistic!

Not only your talents and skills, but also follow your heart. You will be rewarded for your hard work and determination.

The secret meaning behind number 79

Angel number 79, is not just a simple number, it is a rare angel number that often pops up in highly significant contexts.

It represents the end of a cycle and the closing of something, so this means that it may be time to say goodbye or finish things for good.

This can be challenging, but please remember that there’s always another door opening right behind you – and angels are encouraging you forward!

With angel numbers like 79 also comes change and spiritual knowledge – and while we don’t know what that will look like just yet, we do know that it’s coming fast.

For some people, this could mean big changes – for others, smaller ones. Whatever the case may be, I hope you’re ready to meet your future head-on with love and light!

The angel number 7979 is both an incredibly powerful angel number that’s packed with symbolism, as well as the sign that your angels are right there with you.

It also represents true love not being too far away – so please hang in there!

This time will pass faster than you think, and when you look back at it, it won’t even seem like a big deal anymore. 🙂

So keep your chin up and know that all is well in the universe!

Why do you keep seeing this number in your life?

When you keep seeing this angel number in your life, it’s telling you to stay patient.

This may not be easy when there are so many other things going on around you, but try to take a deep breath and just relax.

Don’t worry about the future because your guardian angels have got everything under control – they’ve been working behind the scenes for quite some time now!

That being said, whatever stage of life you’re currently in might need some fine-tuning…so try to think about what this angel number is really asking of you.

If there are relationship problems, maybe it’s time to go back to basics with an open heart and mind rather than looking at each other through rose-colored glasses.

Maybe it’s time to stop demanding certain things from your partner or start expecting less – you know, the whole give and take thing!

If there are work issues, maybe it’s time for a change of scenery? Or just stepping back for a while so that you can get the clarity needed to think more clearly?

If there are problems with your health, maybe you need to let go of some baggage… It could be old trauma or negative thoughts being carried around for ages now. It’s time to get rid of them once and for all!

What to do when you see 7979

Take notice of your surroundings…this angel number can mean that you’re on the right track if it appears more than once, but only if you feel happy and positive about whatever is going on around you.

It’s also a good sign if this number pops up in front of you when you’re thinking about something, or writing something.

This means that it could be time to close certain chapters in your life for good – so make sure to do it with love and respect!

If there are any loose ends, tie them up neatly before starting afresh because angels want to see your light shining even brighter now.

Please remember that angel numbers never come into play unless we need them for a reason.

So whenever you see this one, just know that it’s an important message from the angels that you’re not alone and they’re always here to help you!

Where does it usually appear

Angel number 7979 usually appears on license plates, billboards, phone numbers and addresses.

It can also appear in magazines, newspapers, books and even the pages of a calendar!

This number is a very special one indeed – so make sure to notice it as much as possible from now on.

Whether you’re driving, leafing through something or just chilling out for a minute before getting up to tackle another day – try to take note of this number as often as you possibly can.

When you see 7979 everywhere, your angels want to remind you that they’re here for you whenever you need them…and because there’s nothing for them to do at the moment means that everything will be ok.

You may not think so right now because change can be scary, but you have to remember that this is a good thing – it means the universe is going through a cleansing process and making room for something new!

So whenever you see this angel number in your life, just know that your guardian angels are here with you.

Symbolism, Signs & Significance

When it comes to Angel Number 7979, the symbolism and significance is very clear:

It means that you’re on the right track and everything will be ok if you let go of what’s no longer serving you.

But that doesn’t mean there won’t be bumps in the road along the way – after all, life is supposed to unfold however it needs to!

Just make sure that you’re moving forward at your own pace and not someone else’s…this can become a problem when people aren’t being direct about their expectations from you.

This number also reminds us of unconditional love – something we should have for ourselves first before expecting it from anyone else!

So whenever this number pops up in your life, take a moment to connect with your angels and let them know that you’re ready for your next step.

How to attract this number into your life

Now that you know the general meaning of this angel number, you can determine what steps to take in order to make it appear more often in your life!

Anytime you see this number, try doing something nice for yourself – even if it’s as simple as looking at cute cat photos on Instagram or eating ice cream while watching re-runs of Friends 🙂

Just remember that it’s not about chasing after materialistic things because that kind of thinking will just bring bad karma into your life.

Remember what I said before about giving only to receive? Well, this applies when attracting angel numbers too! So whenever number 7979 pops up, don’t hesitate to do something nice for someone else!

Maybe you could volunteer at a local animal shelter or help your elderly neighbor carry his groceries inside.

As long as you’re putting positivity out into the universe, it will give back to you tenfold! I think this is one of the best times to take advantage of all the opportunities presented to us because right now anything seems possible.

Your angels are here with you and they’ll be by your side every step of the way…so go ahead and make changes in your life without fear because staying where you are only limiting your growth both spiritually and emotionally!

Love Life, Relationships & Twin Flame

Your twin flame (also known as twin soul and not to be confused with soul mate) is a special connection you share with someone because it’s based on unconditional love and total acceptance of who you both are.

Since this person loves you for exactly who you are, he or she is the perfect partner to help guide you to your full potential.

The best part is that your twin flame already knows what’s going on inside of your heart because he or she feels the exact same way!

There won’t be any hidden agendas or games – so go ahead and give number 7979 a call because it means that they were thinking about you long before now!

Don’t be surprised if this person pops up in your life all of a sudden – because we’re at one of those points where anything can happen and whoever is ready to take a step forward will be given the opportunity.

So go ahead and share your feelings about getting back together because you deserve another chance with this person!

They’ve been waiting for you as much as you’ve been waiting for them so don’t let fear hold you back from rekindling an old flame.

If this relationship is meant to be, then there’s no way it could have been broken by either side…but if something was done to sabotage it, then that other person needs to take responsibility for his or her actions too.

It takes two people to make or break a love connection – so just remember that moving on doesn’t mean completely severing ties with this person because at some point, you’ll be able to reconnect again.

So let angel number 7979 point out exactly what needs to be fixed within yourself and completely transform into the best version of yourself because your twin flame is dying to meet you again.

Career, Business & Money

So if any obstacles are in the way of your success, then it’s time to remove them once and for all! Angel Number 7979 wants you to succeed so don’t let money worries stand in between you and your dreams.

If there was ever a time to take that leap of faith, then it’s now because this angel number is giving you a chance at something greater.

Be confident about your abilities and know that there are people out there who will be willing to help you get back on your feet…so no matter how challenging things may seem right now, just take one day at a time.

Your angel number 7979 is telling you that the right people are about to cross your path so just trust that everything will work out exactly how it’s intended!

Biblical Meaning & Spirituality

In the Bible, the angel number 7979 is associated with wisdom, holy life, love, patience and humility.

So if you thought about changing anything about yourself – whether it’s your attitude or relationships – then this angel number wants you to have these qualities because they are key in receiving all that life has to offer 🙂

Instead of being impatient throughout this time of transition, just remember that everything will happen when it’s meant to happen.

Change doesn’t come overnight so be grateful for all your lessons learned over time because, without them, you wouldn’t have been ready for what was supposed to come next!

Angel Number 7979 indicates that there is divine intervention happening today and we should follow along with whatever direction we’re led to take.

Don’t doubt this message from your angels – simply welcome it with an open heart and remember that there is a reason behind all the changes taking place.

If any old fears or doubts try to arise within you, then stay grounded by praying and meditating because only positive feelings will come after receiving angel number 7979 today!

The Near Future (What to Expect)

This angel number brings about some endings but also some new beginnings.

Thank goodness though because it’s time to clear out any negative thoughts or people in your life who may be dragging you down.

As soon as possible, start preparing for something greater than you’ve ever imagined by taking small steps towards your goals while having faith along the way.

You only have so much tolerance before overwhelming changes happen so stay positive at all costs and keep smiling because there truly is a light at the end of the tunnel…you just have to be patient 🙂

This angel number also represents patience, humility and love which are qualities that the universe has been trying to instill in us all.

Synchronicity & Precognition

If you haven’t listened to your inner voice lately (because you’ve been ignoring it), then now is the time to reconnect with your higher self, angels, and guides because they will lead you in the right direction if you allow them.

Before having an epiphany, there will always be a sign pointing you towards what’s meant to be yours.

Also, you’re receiving special messages from the universe each and every day so open your mind to these signs because it’s a way for them to directly communicate with you.

What You Should Do With This Information

Angel Number 7979 is an indicator that you need to have more stability in your life – mentally, emotionally, and financially.

In order for anything amazing to happen in your life, then making sure that these three supporting pillars are strong will help tremendously 😉

After stabilizing your emotions and finances then focus on mental issues because unless there is a physical manifestation, you never know what all this could be leading towards.

Once everything is in order, open your mind and see the signs because their messages can come in so many different forms!


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