I never believed in numerology or angel numbers when I was young until I saw 888 everywhere.

I couldn’t ignore this strange coincidence, and I felt that there was a deeper meaning behind it.

So, I researched and discovered that 888 is an angel number that signifies abundance, prosperity, and spiritual enlightenment.

Today, I will take you through my personal experience with angel number 888, its meanings, symbolism, and significance in various aspects of life.

My hope is that you can gain insight into this powerful number and use it to create a better life for yourself.

So without further ado, let’s dive in, shall we? 🙂

What Is the Meaning & Symbolism?

The number 888 is a triple manifestation of the number 8, which is associated with prosperity and abundance.

Angel number 888 symbolizes financial prosperity, career success, and spiritual growth.

Whenever you see this number repeatedly, consider yourself blessed because it’s a sign that the universe is showering you with blessings and opportunities for growth.

888 is a repdigit (a number all of whose digits are equal) and a strobogrammatic number (one that reads the same upside down on a seven-segment calculator display).

It is also a happy number. This means that if we repeatedly add the squares of its digits, we will eventually get to 1. Here’s how it works: 888 →64+64+64= 192→1+81+4= 86→64+36=100→1.

The number 888 symbolizes the international labor movement representing the 8-hour workday, following the workers’ demand for 8 hours of work, 8 hours of rest, and 8 hours of personal time. In Chinese numerology, 888 signifies triple fortune, reinforcing the significance of the number 8, which is commonly associated with wealth, fortune, and spiritual awakening.

Therefore, the number 888 is called “triple” because it consists of three identical digits. As a result, addresses and phone numbers that include the sequence of digits 888 are considered extremely fortunate and may be more expensive due to their perceived luckiness.

According to numerology, each digit breaks down to its own energy:

  • Number 8 symbolizes money, abundance, power, and authority.
  • Number 88 symbolizes excellent communication and spiritual awareness.

When we combine the vibrational energies of 8 and 88, we get an amplified version of both numbers — a triple 8 (angel number 888).

This vibration carries the energy of wealth, power, and wisdom. It encourages us to strive for excellence and use our spiritual awareness to create abundance in all areas of life.

Thus, angel number 888 signifies good luck in your financial ventures and spiritual endeavors.

It also encourages you to use your gifts and talents to build a successful life and be generous with others.

It’s worth pointing out that whenever we have the same digit repeating, like 88 or 888, it amplifies the energy of that number (8 in this case).

So, you should take this as a sign to be mindful of your thoughts and actions because they will determine your future.

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Spiritual Significance

The spiritual significance of angel number 888 is that it prepares us to receive divine blessings and helps us to become more confident in our ability to create a better life for ourselves. When we are able to put this energy into practice, it will bring abundance and prosperity into our lives.

It is believed that angel number 888 is a message from the divine realm urging us to use our spiritual abilities to create wealth and abundance in our lives.

The spiritual vibration of 888 encourages us to stay focused on our higher purpose, work hard, and nurture a positive attitude for success.

It also asks you to trust your intuition when making important life decisions and be wise with the resources that come your way.

Angel number 888 also signifies a strong connection between the physical and spiritual realms.

It encourages us to use our creative abilities to manifest a prosperous life and build a stronger relationship with the divine realm.

Love/Twin Flame

Angel number 888 also holds significance regarding love and twin flames.

It indicates that you are ready to meet your soulmate or twin flames and will likely experience a great love life ahead.

It’s also a message to let go of your past heartaches and start trusting the universe to bring you the love you deserve. If you’re single, it encourages you to remain open-minded and seize the opportunities for love that come your way.

Regarding relationships, angel number 888 is a sign of commitment and loyalty. It suggests that the relationship is strong and long-lasting.

If you’re already in a committed relationship, this number encourages you to nurture it and keep the romance alive.

Angel number 888 also represents compassion and unconditional love for yourself and others around you. It asks that you be generous with your affection and open-minded regarding relationships.

The Biblical Meaning

Some Christian traditions use the number 888 to represent Jesus, particularly Christ the Redeemer. This symbolism is either based on gematria, which calculates the numerical value of the Greek letters in Jesus’ name, or the fact that 888 is the opposite of 666, which has been linked to Satan.

The name of Jesus in the original Greek language of the New Testament is spelled Ιησους (Iota-Eta-Sigma-Omicron-Upsilon-Sigma), with numeric equivalents of 10, 8, 200, 70, 400, and 200 that adds up to 888.

It is interesting to note that other names for Jesus in the Bible that have the number 888 also contain a factor of 8 when we add up the numeric values of the Greek letters. These names include Christ (which equals 1480, or 8 times 185), Lord (which equals 800, or 8 times 100), Messiah (which equals 656 or 8 times 82), and several more.

Using Gematria, the Hebrew spelling of Daniel’s name adds up to 95. Hananiah’s name adds up to 120, Misael’s name equals 381, and Azariah’s name equals 292. When you add all their names together, it totals 888.

Where Does 888 Usually Appear?

Angel number 888 may appear in various forms, such as phone numbers, receipts, and license plates. They are subtle messages from the universe to awaken your spiritual understanding and give you a sense of renewal and prosperity.

If you’re out and about, you might see 888 on billboards, street signs, or even the license plates of cars in front of you.

It can also come to you through words and symbols that pop up consistently in your day-to-day life. You may also encounter 888 when reading books, listening to songs, watching TV shows, or looking at artwork.

No matter where you see it, angel number 888 is a sign that the universe guides you on your journey and encourages you to stay in tune with the spiritual realm.

I highly recommend keeping a personal journal to track the occurrences of 888 in your life. By keeping a record, you can better understand and interpret its meaning individually.

My Own Experience

At first, I didn’t put much thought behind the significance of seeing 888 everywhere.

But when it kept appearing frequently, I felt it was a sign from the universe meant for me.

Whenever I saw this number, it reassured me that everything would work out in my favor.

For me, angel number 888 reminded me to take up opportunities, work hard, and trust the universe to bring me the desired outcomes.

I first came across angel number 888 while I was out shopping. When I saw 888 on the receipt and then 888 on a signboard, I knew it was a sign from the universe and that something bigger than myself was at work.

After going home that day, I dusted off my numerology books and researched the spiritual significance of angel number 888. As I read more, I began to see a pattern emerge in my life that filled me with a greater sense of purpose and understanding.

Ever since I began paying attention to angel number 888, I have felt more grounded, calm, and secure. There are days when I feel overwhelmed by outside forces, but the presence of 888 reminds me that everything will be okay in the end.

Angel number 888 reminds me that my mind creates my reality, and whatever I focus on has the power to manifest.

Career and Money

Angel number 888 signifies financial abundance, career success, and prosperity.

Seeing this number regularly may signal that you’re on your way to achieving your career goals and that promotions and job opportunities will come your way.

The number also represents financial abundance and an end to financial difficulties that may have been troubling you.

Let angel number 888 be a sign and reminder that the universe is always on your side and you can trust it to provide whatever you need. It’s time to focus on your dreams and take steps toward achieving them.

Start by setting a goal and writing down each actionable step that will move you closer to reaching that goal. You can make your dreams a reality with hard work, dedication, and faith in the universe.

Angel number 888 is also a sign to be generous and share your wealth with those in need. Remember, it’s not just about the money – it’s also about being kind and giving back to society.

By helping others, we help ourselves in the process by accumulating positive energy and raising our vibration.

So keep an eye out for angel number 888 and let it be a reminder to stay focused on your goals, be generous, and trust the universe!

My Final Thoughts

So what do I personally think about angel number 888?

I think it is a powerful reminder from the universe to stay focused on our goals, be generous, and trust the universe. It also signifies good luck, financial abundance, career success, and prosperity.

No matter what you’re going through in life, angel number 888 encourages us to stay positive and have faith that everything will work out in our favor.

If you keep seeing 888 everywhere, it is a sign that the universe is looking out for you and helping you on your journey. Stay open to its messages and stay connected to the spiritual realm.

Happy manifesting!


Johanna <3 🙂


Johanna Aúgusta, is the founder of MinistryofNumerology.com and holds a Master’s in Philosophy from the University of Toronto. With over 20 years of experience in Numerology, she has conducted more than 1,000 1-on-1 consultations and is based in Werribee, Victoria, Australia. Passionate about Numerology, she provides actionable insights to help people navigate their life paths. She has been featured in renowned publications such as FoxNews.com and Womansday.com. Johanna is committed to ethical practices, blending ancient numerological wisdom with modern lifestyles.